4 Reasons Why Digital X-Rays Are So Much Better Than Film

If you’re lucky enough to have a dentist who’s taking advantage of digital x-rays, congratulations!  Since the technology is still relatively new, the average dentist doesn’t have access to it yet.

But why are digital x-rays such a selling point?

Because they’re so much better than traditional film x-rays!

In fact, there are 4 reasons why you should thank yourLos Angelesdentist for investing in them:


1. Digital x-rays reduce your radiation exposure

The amount of radiation you get from traditional film x-rays isn’t much, but it’s still enough to have an effect on certain people — like pregnant women, for example.  However, digital x-rays only expose you to a fraction of the radiation that film x-rays do.  You’ll still have to wear the lead vest, but you’ll only be subjected to about 20% of the radiation!

2. Digital x-rays are computer-based

When your Los Angeles dentist takes digital x-rays, he’ll put special sensors in your mouth that are attached to a computer.  The sensors will take pictures of your teeth and store them inside the computer.  As a result, you won’t have to wait for your x-rays to be developed.  You and yourLos Angeles dentist will be able to go over them together, just a few seconds later.

As an added benefit, the special software that your dentist uses allows him to enhance the images.  That way, if he needs to zoom in on a spot on the x-ray or make the image brighter, it’s easy to do.

Being on a computer gives digital x-rays another big advantage — the ability to be emailed.  That way, if you want a copy of the images for yourself or if you want a specialist to look at them, all your dentist has to do is push a button!

3. Digital x-rays are clearer

The whole point of having your dentist take x-rays in the first place is to expose things that can’t be seen with the naked eye.  Film x-rays have done a good job for decades, but digital x-rays are even clearer — thanks to their sophisticated equipment.  That way, it’s easier for your dentist to spot even the tiniest of issues.  As a result, he can diagnose things sooner and treat them before they turn into big, painful problems.


4. Digital x-rays are more comfortable

Hate those pieces of cardboard that you have to bite down on while your dentist takes film x-rays?  You’re not alone!  Luckily, you don’t have to worry about them when you get digital x-rays.

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