Dental Anesthesia — 4 Ways Your Dentist Can Make It Pain-Free

Isn’t it ironic?  Your dentist uses dental anesthesia to make complex procedures pain-free.  However, in order to take advantage of the anesthesia, it has to be injected into your gum tissue.

If you’re terrified at the sight of a needle or you wince in pain anytime you need to be injected with anything, you’re not alone.  Luckily, a good Hollywood dentist can do several things to alleviate, or even eliminate, the pain you feel during an injection.

If you’re working with a good dentist in Hollywood, expect him to do one, or all, of these 4 things:


1. Use very sharp needles

They might look intimidating, but they’re actually the least painful.  If your dentist uses a needle that’s just a little bit dull, he’ll have to struggle to insert it into your gum tissue.  If you think that sounds painful, you’re right!

2. Work slowly

If your dentist injects you too quickly, with too much force, it can cause your gum tissue to tear.  As a result, you’re left with gum soreness that sticks around long after the injection is finished!

Luckily, a good dentist in Hollywood understands that working quickly doesn’t help you.  You may not enjoy having a needle sticking out of your gums for 30 seconds, but it’s actually the best thing for you.


3. Put pressure on the injection site

What do you do when you bump your elbow?  Instinctively, you probably start to rub it.  And, for some reason, it lessens the pain!


Because putting pressure on parts of your body can prevent your nerves from “talking” to each other.  If your nerves can’t send out pain signals, you won’t be as uncomfortable.

Your dentist will often use the same approach.  Before pulling out a needle, he may rub your gum tissue or gently pull on your lip.  That way, your nerves won’t be able to communicate when the needle goes in!

4. Use a numbing gel

There are special gels, creams, and sprays that are literally anesthesia in a jar.  They’re not strong enough to be used in place of an injection, but they can be used to numb the area where your anesthesia needle needs to go in.  That way, when the needle comes into play, you won’t feel it!

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